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Take Total Control of Your Home

What if you could control every physical and technological aspect of your home from literally anywhere in the world by simply using your smartphone or tablet?

Connected Media and Automation makes it possible with total home automation. We design, develop, and install a home automation system that’s convenient, efficient, and personalized to fit you and your family’s particular lifestyle. You’ll be able to turn your home or any room in your house “on” or “off” with touch panel technology from any input device.

Enjoy one-button control for TV, security cameras, satellite, DVD, lighting, and gate control. You can even open and close overhead doors, monitor security, start all devices in your home, and so much more!

Your user friendly, scalable home automation system gives you full control of your home. Manage the temperature in each room, control the music volume, adjust the lights, turn the TV on, and lock the doors.

And when you’re away from home, you’re still in touch. Receive email notifications and pop-up alerts on your phone, tablet, or computer, and even view security cameras to see what’s going on. If you’re headed home, you can adjust the temperature and turn on the lights so your home is ready for you.

With everything integrated into one system – security, home stereo components, media players, garage door openers, sprinkler systems – you can control your home with the touch of a finger.

Our automation services & capabilities

Whole House Audio

Whole House Audio

Enjoy multi-room audio solutions incorporating integrated technologies and easy-to-use controls. You’ll be able to deliver rich sound to any room with unparalleled digital quality, whenever and wherever you need it. With touch-button controls, you can turn on your favorite music source and adjust the volume in any room.

Energy Management and HVAC Control

Energy Management and HVAC Control

Easily adjust the temperature throughout your home with touch-button control. You’ll keep your whole family comfortable, and save money by not heating or cooling unused rooms and turning off unneeded lights. We’ll design your system to put energy-efficiency at your complete control.

Total Control From Any Device

Total Control From Any Device

Control everything from anywhere. You can run your home – lights, security, entertainment – with one touch on your whole home remote control. And mobile apps let you access your system from your smartphone or tablet, and even receive alerts and status notifications. Total home control is at your fingertips.

Unsurpassed system design, integration, and automation expertise



From wiring an apartment building so each unit can access cable TV, to installing projection TVs throughout a school, CM&A’s video capabilities are second-to-none. We handle the latest in video technology – TVs, cameras, screens, etc. – and ensure everything works to your complete satisfaction. LEARN MORE >



Whether it’s a nightclub, church, or conference center; pure audio delivery is a requirement. Connected Media and Automation pulls together the finest audio components to ensure acoustic excellence. Whatever sound needs you require, you’ll find our solutions to be music to your ears. LEARN MORE >


Security/Surveillance Systems

Connected Media & Automation provides discreet, versatile, and effective security and surveillance systems to help protect those who live and work in your building. Camera systems, motion detectors, and more – all accessible via smartphone, tablet, and computer – work together to maintain a safe environment. LEARN MORE >



Ensuring your system works properly results from our networking capabilities. We can install the necessary cabling either during or after construction, or even adapt existing cabling, in order to make all the appropriate connections. By designing a well-planned network, your system will perform beyond your expectations. LEARN MORE >

Automation services and capabilities

Top reasons our clients love working with us

Prompt, professional service.

You can count on our all-around responsiveness. From arriving promptly for every appointment, to answering all your questions, to quickly troubleshooting any system issues long after installation, we’re readily available to ensure your satisfaction.

Unparalleled product knowledge.

Our highly trained, certified technicians install and connect the right components for your system. Their extensive product experience means everything works seamlessly together to deliver the optimal performance for your facility.

Cutting-edge technology.

We can select from the best, latest technology because our deep relationships with top-name manufacturers simplify our ability to provide the ideal components to make your system beyond awesome.

What our clients are saying about us

  • "With all of the stress of moving into a new building – as we did in July 2016 – the last thing we wanted to worry about were our audio, visual and security systems. Thankfully, Connected Media was there for us. The entire building needed to be gutted and remodeled and all new wiring had to be run throughout the space. It was a daunting task for all involved, but Connected Media’s team were on-call to provide expertise and fast, efficient service."     -PATHFINDERS ADVERTISING AND MARKETING

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